The 121 series is built for the professional player or the aspiring professional. These 48" tall pianos offer maximum string length and Soundboard area for outstanding tone. But a professional also needs responsive touch, which is provided by one of the largest actions in the industry. Compare the size of the Samick, all-wood, action to the competition and you'll be amazed. The large parts afford the pianist a full color pallet from pianissimo to triple forte and then some. 48" Professional upright available in mahogany or ebony high gloss.

PIN BLOCK: 15-ply laminated maple

TUNING PINS: nickel plated

STRINGS: made of Roslau music wire

PRESSURE BAR: nickel plated

HAMMERS: premium grade wool,"T" wired

KEYS: full length,balanced and weighted

ACTION: all maple with aluminum rail

SOUNDBOARD: all spruce surface tension

BRIDGES: hard rock maple

RIBS: spruce and notched into the liner

PLATE: dimensionally accurate V-pro

BACKPOSTS: 4 laminated hardwood

MIDDLE PEDAL: quiet play

WARRANTY: 10-year limited